Dave Bio

Edison High School’s partnership with FilmED Academy of the Arts, founded in 1999 by Dave Junker, provides an unparalleled opportunity for our students, staff, and community. A graduate of USC, Dave enrolled into USC as business major having not yet discovered his passion for filmmaking. Through a friend he discovered the USC film program and eventually found his way onto the sidelines filming USC football games.

Upon graduation, Dave’s mission was to bring the Film School Experience to  high school students. He didn’t want future high school students to miss out on the magic of cinema due to lack of exposure. He started with one school and one camera and 15 years later there are over a dozen top high schools in Orange County and hundreds of students each year who no longer have to stumble upon their dreams by accident.

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Summer Workshop

Where filmmaking dreams begin.

Students in Bolt TV attend the FilmED Summer Workshop, a $3,000 value, for free. This intensive two week workshop is offered three times during the summer at University High School to accommodate student’s busy schedules.

The two week workshop has a summer camp feel with the best high school film students across Orange County in attendance. Over the course of the two week workshop students learn and use professional film equipment on a daily basis while producing five film projects: Silent Film, Action Sequence, PSA, Spot Feature, and Music Video. The last day of the workshop culminates with a potluck BBQ and a viewing of the student films.

It is truly a magical experience.

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